Title Transfer Requirements


PA Title Transfer

Seller(s) Must Bring

  • Original PA title

  • Proof of ID (valid driver's license or State Photo ID) of everyone listed on the title.

Buyer(s) Must Bring

  • Proof of ID (valid PA driver's license or PA Photo ID) of everyone who will be listed on the title.

  • Proof of PA Insurance (must be current)

  • Purchase price & mileage

  • Registration information (if transferring your license plate)


PA License Plate Registration Transfer

Can ONLY be transferred

  • Between vehicles you own

  • Vehicles are being put into your name

  • Between spouses

  • Parent & children 


Organization Owned Titles

PA require a letter (on letterhead) giving authority to the employee or owner signing for the transfer, the letter must be signed and dated, and must include the title of the person signing the letter.


Out-of-State Title Transfer

         Must Bring

  • Original title

  • Proof of ID (valid PA driver's license)

  • Proof of PA Insurance (must be current)


Gifting an Out-of-State Title

PA requires proof that sales tax was paid when the vehicle was purchased by the last owner (bill of sale from dealer or pink slip).


Title Request from Lien holder

If your title is held by a lien holder, please bring the following information; Name of lien holder, account number, VIN number, and fax number for the title department of the lien holder. We will complete a form to request your title. Once we receive your title, we will call you to complete the transfer.