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Motor Vehicle Services is a full service Tag & Title Agent located in Phoenixville PA. We offer a wide range of convenient PennDOT approved services.     

 All Purchasers are required to provide a valid original PA Driver's License or PA Photo ID 

When purchasing a motor vehicle as a Pennsylvania resident, you must transfer the vehicle title into your name. This can be done as a Title Only. Not legal to drive on the road, but changes ownership of the property. 

If you want to put the vehicle on the road you must register and receive a plate. This requires current proof of insurance in the owner or co-owner's name. 

For details on the exact process, please review the correct button above.

Any person having their signature notarized must provide a original valid Passport or a US Driver's License or State photo ID. 


Payment can be made with cash, checks (2 preferred), or credit/ debit cards.

All card transaction are charged an additional 3% convenience fee.


Primary Services

 Title Transfers

  • Title Only

  • Antique/ Classic/ Collectable

Antique & Classic plates can be transferred with the vehicle to any purchaser, regardless of relationship, as long as the seller provides a written letter authorizing the plate be transferred.

  • Auto

  • Mobile Home

  • Motorcycle

  • Trailer

  • Truck

  • Title Transfer- With Plate

Transfer Regular PA Registration Plates can only be transferred between spouses, parents & children and your own vehicles.

  • Upon Death of Spouse (PA MV-39) Must be notarized. This can be done without transfer if both spouses names are on the title


A PA Titled vehicle can be gifted from any person(s) to any other person(s) regardless of relation. Both seller(s) and Purchaser(s) must Sign a Gift Affidavit (PA MV-13st). A non PA titled vehicle must also show the sellers original sales slip with taxes paid.

  • Duplicate Title (PA MV-38O) Must be notarized

  • Title Name Change

  • Record a New Lien 


  • Plate Vanity Application

  • Plate Return to PA

  • Plate Transfer

 Registration (Plates)

  • New Registration

To register a vehicle that has a PA title in your name you must bring in the title information and proof of insurance on that specific vehicle.

  • Registration Renewal


  • Duplicate Plate Vanity (Lost/ Stolen/ Defaced)

  • Duplicate Registration Card

  • Duplicate Registration Plate (Lost/ Stolen/ Defaced)


  • Disability Parking Placard

  • Disability License Plate

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